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FI Digital takes immense pride in following and compiling with all laws and regulations that apply in the jurisdiction in which FI Digital conducts business. Following is a summary of all the key elements of FI Digital is shown below:

FI Digital Privacy Policy

FI Digital is committed to protecting your privacy when you use our services or interact with us. Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • How we use cookies to collect your information, how you can control and delete these cookies.
  • The information we collect and the reason as to why we collect it.
  • How and in which way we use that information.
  • When and where these privacy policies apply.
  • How you can access the information and how you can change the information we hold about it.
  • How we protect the information, you provide.
  1. Application of this Privacy Policy

    The Privacy Policy applies to all personal information FI Digital collects.

  2. What personal information we collect and why we collect it

    At FI Digital we would request you for your basic information such as your name, telephone number, organization name, location, and your email address. We collect the basic information because:

    • You chose to voluntarily provide us the information by means of a contact form -while making a comment or by participating in a community forum.
    • We require the information to provide you with the product or service you have requested us to provide.
    • We would like to improve our service towards you by collecting and analyzing the statistical and research data and the use of relevant cookies.
    • You are working with FI Digital.
    • You chose to attend any of FI Digital’s event.
    • You are applying for a job at FI Digital.
    • For any purpose directly relating to the above reasons.
  3. How we collect information

    The information we collect can be broadly categorized into two types:

    1. The information that you specifically give us:

      In some occasions, you may have to provide your information in order to gain access to certain to services we provide or to participate in an activity.

      You may provide us with information that are not specifically asked from you, but that may help us widen the spectrum of services we provide. If you chose not to provide us with this optional information, you will still continue getting the services as usual, but it may come with fewer options than if you provided us with the information.

      In case you provide us with unsolicited information, we may ask you to delete or destroy that particular piece of information given it's lawful to do so.

      If you use our website forms to communicate with us, for any purpose you will be opted to occasional communication from our side about the related content. You may also expressly be asked to opt for our newsletter or other marketing communications that you can always opt out of by clicking on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.

    2. Automated Collection

      We may use cookies through our website to assign your computer an unique User ID. The cookies do not contain information by which we can identify you, but only contains information to identify your computer on our servers.

      Cookies facilitate our website to remember your user preferences to monitor how the site is being used. This helps us in enhancing your user experience and personalize the content to better suit your needs.

      Generally these cookies expire after every session, you may however choose to restrict or block these cookies through your browser settings. It should be noted that if you disable any, or all the cookies you may have a degraded user experience. For more information about cookies refer to your browser's ‘Help’ section or visit www.aboutcookies.org

  4. Cookies we use on our site:

    Google AnalyticsTM

    We use Google AnalyticsTMWe use Google Analytics cookies on our website to measure which pages in the website attract the most traffic from users. You can opt out of the cookie by clicking here. You can find out more about how Google Analytics work by clicking here

    We also use remarketing with Google Analytics to make our advertisements more relevant. If you wish to opt out of remarketing and alter your ad-preferences please click here


    Marketo lets us know what specific solutions you are looking for so that we can provide you with the most relevant data and content on our site, events, and email communications.


    Similar to Google Analytics, OpenTracker lets us monitor how you move through our site to provide you with the most relevant information right at your fingertips.

    Personalisation Cookie

    We use this cookie to bring you the most relevant content depending on your location, country and type of industry you belong to.

  5. Disclosure of information

    We may under some circumstances share your information with the broader ‘FI Digital Group of Companies.’

    We will not share your confidential information unless the following circumstances arise:

    • You have given us your consent to share such information.
    • For other legal reasons.
  6. Accessing your information

    You may under some circumstances ask us to provide you with the information we hold about you, by mailing us at support@fidigital.com.au or your Account Manager or Business Development Manager.

    Under some circumstances governed by the Privacy Act, we are permitted to deny your request as well. We will however in such a case send you a mail with the reason why we rejected your request.

  7. Protecting your information

    We take all the required measures to protect your sensitive data from misuse and loss, and from access by other unauthorized persons.

    Our website contains links to certain third party sites you should be aware that the information collection procedure of those links may not be the same as ours.

  8. Changes in the Privacy Policy:

    We may make certain changes in the Privacy Policy from time to time as we deem fit.

  9. Who to contact

    If you have any questions or concerns in relation to our Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@fidigital.com.au.

Google Analytics is a trade mark of Google Inc. Marketo is a registered trade mark of Marketo Inc.

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