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Salesforce sales cloud is world’s best software for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It provides real-time data about the customer by giving the business a competitive edge in their field of operation. It is a complete package of customer information and the ways to improve the sales of the enterprise by providing expert opinion and by updating the latest information which can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

The structure of Sales Cloud:

  • Contact management
  • Pursuing and nurturing active leads
  • Email integration
  • Opportunity management
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Communication with the sales team
  • Syncing and sharing of files
  • Insightful decision making

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultation Provided by FI Digital:

Sales Cloud Business Consultation

Know how Salesforce CRM can be used for your business, get best practices from businesses around Australia.

Salesforce Custom development

Salesforce comes with lots of pre-defined fields and objects but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to do some custom development. And we at FI Digital love to do that! Building new apps, lightning components or Visual Force Pages, our team of experts have everything covered for you.

Salesforce Process Automation

What's the use of such a robust platform if it it can’t reduce some working time for your employees/ sales teams? Our process automation services help your employees to focus on productive tasks by automating repetitive tasks and auto-populating the data wherever required.

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce subscription comes with a clean slate, as a business you need to migrate your data, clean it and make it to suit the new system. Connect it with your websites & other data points with ease. Contact us for a seamless transition into this robust platform.

Salesforce Managed Service

Salesforce is continually evolving, so it can be a challenge to keep your implementation current and up to date. Even if you have the personnel or in house expertise, you may still find that you are struggling to make the best use of Salesforce. Fortunately, the FI Digital Managed Services team is ready to help. We can ensure that you can make the best use of your investment throughout the Salesforce platform.

FI Digital: Experts in providing Salesforce CRM Solution all over Australia

We at FI Digital provide expert CRM solutions for your enterprise regardless of its size. We incorporate Salesforce in such a way that your business is transformed into a customer focused enterprise. FI digital bridges the gap between detached customers and the company with the help of Salesforce as everyone is a potential customer. We provide CRM solutions which help to secure and retain customers by providing on time information and training to sales personnel. FI Digital brings both sales and marketing personnel on board the same ship to ensure that no existing or potential customer is lost. Come to FI digital to help your sales personnel to provide the best customer experience and change your enterprise into a customer first company.

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Our services and technology work together in harmony, helping you deliver a great customer experience.
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