Mobile Search

Pixel Perfect Images

Research shows that people using mobile internet are more comfortable in consuming pictorial content rather than simple textual information.

Multi Media

Mobile web visitors are people who want everything on go and hence they also want various videos right there on there mobile screens.

Motion and Geo Locator

One advantage of mobile device is multiple senses. It is vital to use location tracking and making mobile sites|apps motion controlled. Don't forget your viewers are expecting this.


Get this feature to its optimum use. Use this feature depending on type of your business. Camera feature could be used in many different ways that that you are still unaware of.

All these features together can give a
power lift to your mobile strategy.

As per a white paper submitted by FIDigital's research team to NASSCOM, we have clearly found the next 5 years to be mobile search's era. And when we say mobile search it's not just limited to Google search on mobile, but mobile ecosystem as a whole. It involves voice search in which Apple and Google are investing a lot. It also includes Apple's spotlight search and Google's contemplation to index apps data into Google's core algorithm.

This means that in future you may also see search results displaying relevant apps along with websites. Definitely some exciting times ahead.

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