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General Questions

1My business has bigger sales funnel & i don't think digital works for me.
Nothing works if it is not implemented in right way. We have CRM tools and expertise on salesforce to tackle big sales funnel. Using it gives exact information on your leads and there sales funnel stages.
2Which social media I should target for my business growth ?
The answer is very simple. Be where your target group is. If they are everywhere, be everywhere. Get in touch with our social media specialist to know which platform is used by your target audience.
3How much time does it take to generate more web traffic ?
Generally it takes one month before you start seeing the results. Thereafter your web traffic will keep on growing month-on-month. That's our guarantee.
4Is it a one time project on ongoing ?
Digital marketing is an ongoing service. It is very unlikely that your business goals would get accomplished without continuous efforts.
5How much does it cost to get started?
It depends on the package you choose and the industry you are into. If you are looking to enter very fiercely competitive industry the cost may go up and vice-versa.

SEO Questions

1My website ads has stopped appearing on google search results. What should i do?
This can be due to many reasons but majority of times it is caused by budget deficit or lower bids. Talk with your account manager and he should be able to fix this for you.
2Which size image is best suited for FB ads ?
FB has multiple ad options. Each of them require artwork of their own. Its a good idea to have a word with our social media expert before making art work.
3I have opted for adwords plan, do i need to go with SEO plan as well ?
SEO and adwords are most often confused for each other. We recommend to go ahead with both but it's your business goals that would finally influence this decision.
4Why do i need to update my website's content frequently ?
According to Google's web console guideline new, original and engaging content help website's performance better in search results. Hence updating website's become very crucial.

Web & Hosting

1My website is loading very slow, What should i do?
Check your internet, clear cookies and caches and reload the page. If problem persists please get in touch with your web expert at FIDigital.
2My website's few/all the pages are not appearing disintegrated.
This means that your website needs to be optimized for different screen sizes, get in touch with our web expert.
3Is it necessay to take backups of your data at all times?
Yes it is. At FIDigital we use servers which duplicate database. So incase anything goes wrong,the backup is live. This gives us 99.99% up time.
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