The Story-

De-cluttering Australian Risk Services Website

The challenge-


Making website look cleaner and simpler.
Improve the Navigation.

Fast loading speed to ensure low bounce rate and higher engagement.

Screen size compatibility.
One website fits all sizes.

Complete integration with the ARS’s CRM and marketing automation tools.


The Solution

FI Digital worked collaboratively with ARS management to apply a user first approach on Aus Risk Website. Idea was to make website load faster and appear clean not only to users but also Search Engines.

A comprehensive research was carried out with users of ARS website. We included all the stakeholders and developed a design which addressed all their needs.

The Results

Aus Risk Services is a powerful and user friendly website now. Clearly communicates all its services and is integrated with world class CRM and reporting software.

There has been a steady rise with ARS’s visibility on Search Engines like Google and Bing.

In addition to this, the ARS team found it really easy to update the content of their new website.

Traffic on website saw a 159% jump in one year bounce rate dropped by 57%.

The Technology

FI Digital’s experience with wordpress really helped ARS in leveraging the platform to its best. The mandate which we had from ARS was clear- simple, effective website.

Wordpress CMS helped us deliver the same.

The Services

Through working flexibility with multiple parties and clear project management, FI Digital were able to partner with ARS to create and implement the solution that they wanted and deliver a web portal that met their goals.

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