25 March 2017

A glimpse into the digital marketing scenario a year from now

The leading and trending digital marketing techniques require skills and familiarity with the emerging technologies. Our digital marketing agency in Melbourne has the expertise to understand the key tactics that will meet the needs of any business, and can assist to create cutting-edge strategies for the best brand campaigns. We aim to achieve consistent engagement levels based on the dynamics of the growing expectations of users.

Businesses across all sorts of domains cannot choose to ignore the power of the digital medium to penetrate deep to tap into key audiences, much more than traditional media could ever achieve. Given the fast pace at which the technologies are evolving nowadays, every business venture needs to find creative and innovative ways to incorporate these into their digital marketing plans.

Business and brands no longer compete with other well-known brands in their local regions, the internet has pitched them up on a global arena. In the next one year, there will be huge overhauls in business marketing efforts across big and small enterprises, as the stage gets set to embrace latest tools and trends for effective marketing.


  • Mobile marketing: With on-the-go-apps using responsive design tools, marketers are now finding smart ways to reach the mobile consumers, who are growing due to the phenomenal growth of smartphones.
  • Personalized website: The user experience is the new pivot for higher engagement levels. Marketers are using personalized data to carve out customized websites, that send out a message of one-on-one personal care for each visitor.
  • Videos: Online advertising has adopted video content as its pet channel to narrate its story and find an instant connect with the target consumers. Short and attractive videos will see a rise including silent videos, with simple, striking and novel content.
  • Paid search marketing: Mobile-first strategy adopted by Google has helped to boost Pay Per Click models that also generate a revenue stream. This is set to take a leap in the coming year.
  • Organic Search (SEO): This will continue to be a leading trend for mobile marketing. SEO techniques will target Google's latest mobile-only index and AMP.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) marketing: With a prediction of approximately 75 billion devices taking to one another by 2020, IoT is here in a big way. Marketing applications that use this emerging technology will be high on priority for many enterprises.
  • Location based marketing: This is an intelligent way to ensure that target-based marketing ad campaigns are effective. Digital marketing that uses location based technology such as beacons will find it easier to find a connect with the consumers on the move.
  • Social Media Marketing and Social CRM: The social media platforms are in a churning mode and many traditional platforms are now being given stiff competition by new and interesting models. Digital marketing that leverages the social media smartly to monetise their efforts on social networks, needs to adapt to the local and popular platforms to have a far-reaching impact.
  • Big data analytics:User insight and predictive analysis is a powerful tool to help make informed business decisions. This is the potential of Big Data marketing applications. In fact, it serves as a funnel for other strategies such as personalization, in a bid to increase sales.
  • Content Marketing: Most businesses need to have an integrated content marketing strategy now to be able to increase their ROI. Interactive content is the latest trend that is garnering promising results.
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